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Monday, April 6, 2009

Health and Wealth Monday

Give up soda. Seriously. I gave it up for lent and had not really calculated the cost. I know everyone says "Stay out of Starbucks". That was never a problem. But a soda at a restaurant in my area can cost up to $2.79 - crickeys! And a quick diet soda from the gas station - $1.49. I realize you can get a "Big Gulp" for $.89 but I like the bottled better - and no melting ice.

I never keep it in my house - with 9 soda drinking fiends it is ridiculous how fast we can go through a case. So, I have to resort to the more expensive purchases.

I was drinking 1-2 sodas a day. Lets assume that I am getting a bargain and paying $1.00 a piece - that is hmm let me see $2.00 x 365 = $730 a year. Good Grief!

And lets not forget that we are saving our landfills of all the cans, bottles, Styrofoam cups, and drinking straws.

Besides, water is soooooo much better for you and me than soda. Did you know soda will eat through metal? I found the following in a post on the Gluten Free for Good blog.
If that’s not enough, phosphoric acid, added to give soda pop its “zip” causes
calcium loss. We don’t want that. Pure phosphoric acid can eat its way through
almost anything (metal, cement). Household hints columnist, Mary Ellen, suggests
using Coke to clean your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. Heloise, another hints
queen, suggests pouring Coke over car battery terminals to get rid of the
corrosion. And we’re drinking it by the gallon. Ugh!

So join me "Hi, my name is Christy (insert your name) and I am addicted to soda"
"Hi, Christy (your name)


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