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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Keeper

Warning: Girly post - feminine issues ahead!

Many years ago I heard about the Keeper - a reusable feminine protection. Tampon like. I have always wanted to try one, but I confess I have been hesitant. First there was the price up front. But once you get past that and realize that it can last 10 years it is hard to use that as an excuse. There is the ick factor, but really how much less icky is a used tampon? The original Keeper is made of latex - they now have another one made of medical grade silicone - nonlatex, called a Moon Cup.

From the website:

THE KEEPER or MOON CUP is designed to catch your menstrual flow rather than absorb it. Its bell shape allows THE KEEPER or MOON CUP to fit snuggly and comfortably up against your vaginal walls, below but not touching your cervix. The rim is designed to help create a suction that keeps THE KEEPER or MOON CUP in place and collects your menstrual flow inside of it. The small holes around the rim are to help release the suction when you remove the cup. THE KEEPER and MOON CUP are both simple devices, that are easy to use.

I don't have 10 years of fertility left but I am hopeful my girls will give one a try.
Just think of all that nastiness we would be keeping out of the landfills if my 5 girls used these instead of tampons. Maybe I need to buy stock in this company! LOL!


  1. So...did you and the girls try it? I am a big fan of both the Keeper (had one for 7 years before pregnancy) and the similar Diva Cup (4 years so far). I rave about the wonders of menstrual cups and cloth pads to anyone who will listen! Like so many frugal, enviro-friendly things, they're just a BETTER PRODUCT in so many ways!

  2. I have but my teenagers just can't wrap their minds around it! they think it is super gross. Hopefully they will change their minds!
    Another great link you've given me! Thanks for visiting and commenting.