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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where Frugal and Earthy Crunchy Collide

Welcome friends!
My other site The Rock Spot was getting entirely too cluttered - while I love to ping pong all over the place with my posts it was hard for anyone who was interested only in the topics of frugal-ness and earthy crunchiness to find what they wanted. And so this blog has come into being.
What you will find here are posts about:
  • living frugally
  • living green
  • living both with a Christian worldview
  • frugal recipes
  • earthy crunchy topics like off grid living
  • global warming - fact or fiction?
  • anything else that relates

So hop aboard the frugal horse and join me for some fun!

update - linked to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee's MMM blogaversary!


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