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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Who What Where When How and Why's of my Frugal, Crunchy Life

In case you are interested.

Who - My husband, myself and my 7 children who live at home. (8 total living) My oldest has moved out and purchased a home of his own.

What - Living frugally, crunchilly, and with a Christian worldview. What does this mean?
I wanna be green, but only after I have acted in accordance to my Christian beliefs.

Where - In a house in a semi rural area in Northern Indiana.

When - Everday.

How - Carefully, conscientiously, with an element of fun.

Why - Because it is the right thing to do. ( I discuss this in my post here at my other site The Rock Spot.)

In case you haven't heard of earthy crunchiness - My definition is someone who loves nature because it is beautiful and God created it, and He made us stewards over it all. It means not being wasteful - reduce, reuse, recycling. It means that you will choose what is right - not using water bottles from Fiji -or paying more for an organic product. It is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

Any other queries? Just ask. I love to chitty chat.


  1. thanks fro your kind words on my your blog , very interesting...7 children!!!! wow thats awesome...i have 3 grown grandma had 18 kids...I can only imagine what dinner time must have been like!!! LOL

  2. My grandma had 16 - at the tail end of the depression in a 1200 sq ft house. Can you imagine?? And now to think most people live in super size houses with only 2 or 3 people in them.
    thanks for visiting!