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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

I have spent most of my morning reading posts honoring our veterans. I have been crying all morning too.

It is not possible to thank our veterans enough. They lay their lives on the line so we can live in a country that is still free. But it is the wives, the husbands and the children who are left here at home while their soldier is off protecting our nation that I truly admire. Who I am eternally grateful too.

I cannot imagine how it would be to say goodbye and know that it will be 8, 10 18 months until I saw my husband again.

I cannot imagine giving birth without my husband near - and then sending pictures half way around the world so that he could meet my baby.

I cannot imagine welcoming him home to bury him. The very real sacrifice of his life for our freedom.

My husband served in the Air Force before I met him. While he never saw war, he could have and was prepared to.

My many thanks and gratitude to all members of the military and their very generous families.

God Bless You All!


  1. What a wonderful post to our veterans! Thank God for their sacrifice!

  2. Very sweet post. Hooray for Veterans!

    Thanks for coming by my site, nice to 'meet' you :-)

  3. @ Cheap Chic Home. I just had to stop by and say the photo of you and your kids is adorable ~ smile!