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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My daughter can be the sweetest kindest person or she can flip on a dime and be just horrid.

My husband surprised us with a trip to go skiing for 2 days after Christmas. He is springing for 2 rooms so no one sleeps on the floor. My daughter asked to bring a friend - and said friend was standing right there. I said I would ask her dad. She started ranting that she would be left out, have to ski with a little kid - who can ski as well as she can. So I apologized to her friend and said no. She is furious. She will ruin the trip for everyone. She is trying to bully me into changing my mind. I am not giving in but I feel bad for her. Her crappy attitude will just make her unhappy and everyone around her which means no one will want to ski with her, which fulfills her prophecy. Sad really.

I am that way more often than I would like to admit. I call my husband for lunch and then when he can't go I get all pouty and my feelings hurt. Then my husband gets mad because I am giving him the guilts and I ruin both our days. Why is it so hard to see when it is your fault? That you are the one out of line? I know that it is an effect of Original Sin. I also know that the only way to get right again is to pray and to be charitable. Both sides need to do this.

I pray that she recognizes that the outcome is her doing.


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