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Thursday, January 7, 2010

730 in 365 can you rid yourself of so much?

Amy over at The Finer Things in Life is having an internet challenge. Declutter 730 things in the 365 days of 2010.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy for me anyhow! I have tons to declutter and to free our house of the excess will be well so freeing!

My rules:
  • real trash doesn't count. 
  • food doesn't count
  • magazines - they are trash, and do not count
  • toys, well little bitty McDonald type toys - don't count unless it is in groups of 10. (I doubt I have too many of these anymore.)
  • I need to rid myself of this stuff responsibly - goodwill, Church rummage sale, pass on to a new home.
  • Clothing counts, but it can't be the bulk of the count - things need to go also!
I also don't want to bring in 730 things this year, so one of my goals is to stay out of Target as much as possible, I am like a moth to a flame with their clearance endcaps. It is where I get a lot of the "good stuff" that I will be ridding my home of.

So MUCH LESS IN and LOTS OUT will be my mantra!

 I am really excited to see how this changes the feel of my home. I grew up in a house that had has so much beautiful stuff - very elegant, magazine worthy stuff - my mother is a wonderful thrifter/repurposer/fabulous decorator. I didn't get the gene and so it seems I am always buying stuff to try and recreate that feel. I know that it is so wasteful, bad for the enviroment, and clutter when you don't have the knack. I am giving myself permission to be free of these thoughts and desires. Simple is best for me.

What about you? Why do you keep buying stuff that is really just clutter?


  1. What a great idea. I have a lot of useless junk taking up space too. But I'm not ready to part with it yet ;)

    Wish you lots of luck accomplishing your goal this new year!

  2. I'm a neat freak so I love this idea. And it's a great idea. When I buy something I make myself get rid of something. It really makes you think before any purchase.

  3. What a great challenge!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Sounds like a great challenge. I just might have to jump into that one as well

  5. I purge regularly. And moving several times in the last few years has helped me do it! lol

  6. I love this idea. I need to start off the new year by getting organized and getting rid of stuff that I really don't need!

  7. Well ladies, lets get rid of our excuses and just start getting rid of the stuff! My first thing to pitch? My toothbrush - and replaced it with new!
    Thanks for all the great comments.

  8. What a great idea. We have so much unnecessary `stuff' in our lives. Having just moved in to my new home have pared down to essentials and am now determined to keep it simple.

  9. This is a great challenge! We're pretty good about de-cluttering; it's the lack of organization though that kills us. Unless you're counting baby stuff -- we need major de-cluttering there.

  10. So glad to have you joining us! Can't fathom the STUFF that we all have...

  11. Good idea, I need this challenge. My closet needs a challenge... :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day! :)

  12. I have been decluttering since moving I grew up in such a cluttered house I sometimes go to far the other way.

    Oh and Target, especially clearance...evil...I have to leave my wallet at home to not spend money there!

  13. Okay, do I have to remove something for every skein of yarn I bring into the house???

    I'm in trouble all ready.

    Can I get rid of my MIL's things...does that count?

  14. I think it's a great challenge. I hope it's going well. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. This is a nice post and a great reminder to CLEAR OUT THE STUFF!! Most of my clutter is paper clutter (you know, the piles of recipes and craft ideas, etc. that you want to try some day). I need to be better at regularly going back through files and purging some of it. Because really, do I need stacks and stacks of new recipes? (Ok, maybe I NEED the recipes ;) But the medical records from the dog that is no longer with us? Probably not so much!)