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Monday, March 8, 2010

Pi Beta Phi Cooking Tips Part 1

Did you know Pi Phi's can cook? Well way back in 1992 my local alumni group put together a cookbook we sold as a fund raiser. Inside were some great cooking tips. I thought I would share some with you.
  1. Seeds and nuts, both shelled and unshelled , keep best and longest when stored in the freezer. Nuts in the shell crack more easily when frozen. Nuts and seeds can be used directly from the freezer.
  2. One lemon yields about 1/4 cup juice; one orange yields about 1/3 cup juice. In case you ever wondered.
  3. When serving hors d'oeuvres on a silver tray, you may wish to protect it from acids by covering  it with a layer of leafy green lettuce. (I know I would.)
  4. A little vinegar or lemon juice added to potatoes before draining will make them extra white when mashed.
  5. To dress up buttered cooked veggies, sprinkle them with toasted sesame seeds, toasted chopped nuts, crumbled cooked bacon, or slightly crushed homemade croutons.

Not to worry, I have plenty more where these came from!

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  1. Great tips!

    I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello & welcome!

  2. I never heard of the lemon or vinegar trick for mashed potatoes. I'll definitely give that a try!