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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cereal Liners and Bread Bags Repurposed

In an effort to feed my children better healthier foods I have been making them eggs or french toast most mornings before school. But some days I just don't feel good, have had a rough night and they are left to fend for themselves. Their go to breakfast is cereal. I buy about a box every week or so. But this post isn't about that really. It is about the LINING of the cereal box and crackers sleeves.

The lining you ask, what in the world would we do with the lining?? Well first of all I use up the crunchies at the bottom of the box . Then I open the bag along the seam and fold it flat and put it in my drawer with all my baggies. It then waits to be used.
  • I cover dough that is rising.
  • I wrap a sandwich in it.
  • I cover bowls in the fridge that I would've used seran wrap on. If you slip a rubber band around the bowl it stays tight.
I also save all bags that come into my kitchen. You know, bread bags, bagel bags, hamburger and hotdog buns and the like. It is always a good idea to shake the crumbs out first before storing them in the same drawer as the cereal liners. How do I use them?
  • I wrap anything that would normally take a ziploc baggie that isn't liquid. Like opened cheese or chips for a lunch.
  • I will slide a small bowl inside them to keep the food fresh in the fridge - for example a meatloaf I put together in the morning and am going to cook tonight. Or a bowl of cut up fruit. (You can use the rubber band trick here also.)
  • I will rip them open so they are flat to lay over a  breakfast casserole that is thawing in the fridge.
  • Leftover sandwiches or meat from dinner that isn't wet.
  • When I fry bacon I use one crunched up to clean out the pan, like you would use a paper towel. 
  • I use them in a double bagging system for the freezer. 
  • When I travel by car I put my shampoo and conditioner in the bags to help protect from a leak I also put my brush in one so it doesn't get all over my clothes. I put my shoes in a bag too to protect the clothes. 
  • I keep one in my purse for all sorts of things, an impromptu rain hat (you can't be vain for this one) , to put leftovers in, to corral trash in my car. 
  • My favorite way is (after turning inside out so the the writing is on the inside) I stick my hand in one and then smash up my meatloaf. This keeps my hand clean and when I am done I just pull my hand out and turn it right side out at the same time and then pitch. Ta Dah! No nasty raw meat mixture!
I am always attempting to get as much plastic out of our kitchen but for now this Works for Me!
    The idea is to cut back on my usage of baggies and seran wrap and aluminum foil and to use these things one more time before they go in the trash.

    What do you do that is a little bit strange to be frugal and crunchy? 

    Submitted to 11th Heaven's Homemaker Monday
    We are That Family's Works for Me Wednesday Greatest Tips Edition


    1. Great tips! My mom always saved bread bags, but I haven't gotten into that habit. But I save the wire twisters ... which doesn't make much sense by itself! :)

    2. See, the frugaller, crunchier thing would be to bake your own bread and make everything from scratch, including your own cereal, so you wouldn't even be left with these bags to reuse. ;)
      Since I do that, when I go grocery shopping and use my reusable shopping bags, I still take a bunch of grocery bags to use for purposes like this; not so green, perhaps, but frugal, yes.

    3. Melissa - I save the twisty things too.

      Penniless - you are right the fruglier, crunchier thing would be to make it all from patient with steps....if you only knew how FAR I have come!

      Mmom2fur - great addition, I do use them for this!

    4. Christy, I hope it didn't seem like I was putting down a lack of frugality. Baby steps are good!
      I was just expressing a bit of disappointment- I'm always looking for more frugal tips and get a tad disappointed when I can't use a certain tip, because I do other more frugal things.

    5. Go girl - you're right: great minds think alike :) I have a feeling we probably have a lot in common ...

    6. Hi :-} I followed your 'link up' over from Jen's homemaking haven.

      I too have always saved used bread bags.
      - leftover biscuits get stored in them
      - as do left over muffins
      - place graham crackers, or any other similar things in them which you want to use your rolling pin on to crush.
      - I also use them to line an institutional sized cottage cheese container with. That then becomes the garbage pail, so to speak. Once it's almost full, use a twistie to tie it off and replace bag. Helps reduce smells in the regular trash bin.

    7. Those cereal bags also make pretty durable in-a-pinch cutting boards.