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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cheeseslave is Offering a Surf and Turf Cooking Class

Ann Marie at Cheeseslave is Offering a Surf and Turf Online Cooking Class! It begins August 18th - you have until August 14th to sign up.

People, this woman is amazing - her knowledge of cooking Real Food is outstanding. Check out her blog Cheeseslave get to know her style - you will see how well she teaches and shares all her vast knowledge.

It will be 13 weeks for only $120 (less than $10/class)  (Once you sign up you can become an affiliate also and earn your class - email me if you do so I can send you the link.)


1. Overview - how much protein we need, how protein builds neurotransmitters for healthy moods, etc.
2. Stocking Up - how to buy grass-fed meats and store in freezer, how to shop for fish
3. Grilling - how to set up a BBQ (gas or grill) and grilling steaks and chops
4. Raw fish - ceviche & sushi, shucking oysters
5. Cooked fish - fast & easy family-friendly recipes like moules frites and broiled salmon
6. Bone broths - meat, fish and chicken
7. Soups & stews - How to incorporate bone broth and healthy fats into yummy soups - Thai coconut soup, Honduran tapado
8. Roasts, reduction sauces & gravies - Roast duck with cherry reduction sauce, pot roast with simple gravy
9. Frying - pan-frying and deep-frying - Grass-fed flank steak w/ chimichurri sauce, healthy chicken nuggets
10. Sandwiches & salads - Using leftover meat to make sandwiches - Coconut flour bread, chicken salad, Southwestern Cobb salad
11. Organ meats 1 - How to grind organs, beef heart chili, beef tongue, roasted bone marrow
12. Organ meats 2 - Chicken liver pate, chopped liver, liver & onions, homemade liverwurst
13. Appetizers, side dishes & snacks - deviled eggs w/ salmon roe, bacon wrapped scallops & dates, beef jerky, homemade clam dip

In addition to all that you will receive:

  • 12 Online Classes + a Bonus Class on Side Dishes & Snacks
  • Weekly Video Tutorials
  • Over 100 Printable Recipes!
  • Audio Interviews with Noted Experts
  • Online Discussion Forum for Members Only
  • Sample Shopping Lists and Equipment Recommendations
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Discounts & Coupons from Companies Ann Marie Trusts

This class is going to be gluten- and grain-free, and almost no dairy (She'll have substitutes for dairy) therefore it's SCD and GAPS legal, low-carb and paleo-friendly.

For those who do not eat pork and/or shellfish, she will have very little pork in the class and only a couple of shellfish recipes.

I can't wait for the sushi and oyster class - I LOVE SUSHI!! 

The stuff I know about cooking seafood could fit on a note card. I so need to learn how to incorporate fish into our diets. This is the course for me!

From Ann Marie's blog: 

What Surf & Turf Will Teach You

Cooking nutritionally dense, exceptionally healthy foods is not hard — once you know what you’re doing. Which is why I’m teaching this class. I will show you how to:
  • Get your family to fall in love with weird foods that are incredibly good for them — like chicken livers and raw fish
  • Use all the turn cheap cuts into melt-in-your-mouth delicacies — from delicious pot roasts to braised short ribs
  • Master the BBQ grill
  • Easily make mineral-rich bone broths, soups, gravies and reduction sauces
  • Make delicious, balanced meals that are grain-free and low-carb
  • Save money on grass-fed meat by buying half a cow and stocking the freezer
  • Shop for sustainable, healthy seafood — no matter where you live.
Watch the YouTube video to learn more!

So follow this link to Cheeseslaves blog and sign up - you won't regret it!

You have until August 14th to sign up - don't delay - if you are like me you may forget!

And just in case  if you are not completely satisfied with the class or do not wish to continue for any reason, there is a 30 day money back guarantee as well!

Notice of Disclosure: I will get compensation for each person that signs up for the course through this site. Anyone is welcome to sign up as an affiliate and receive $30 per sale of the class. Please click here for affiliate information.


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