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Thursday, July 1, 2010

X is for XYZ Affair

 (warning this post has nothing to do with Real Food or Frugality or even Earthy-Crunchiness)

Dear fellow classmates, I have to admit that I have spent an unusually large amount of time trying to come up with a post this week for Alphabe-Thursday and I have wasted an eXtremely large amount of time. X is just hard. I wanted it to be relevent to my blog - you know something frugal and crunchy. I tried to talk about homemade laXatives and realized that the information I was going to share was incorrect. Sigh. I can't think of even one eXciting tip. I even considered talking about how eXercise but anything I would say would need to be plagurized as I know nothing about it. And so the following, while interesting has NOTHING to do with frugality or earthy crunchiness.

Over the years different ones of my children had to do an ABC Report in which they wrote something about the US that began with each letter of the alphabet. X was always (for them and most of their classmates) the XYZ Affair. It happened in early American History and was between the US and France. At first France dissed us - 3 diplomats who we call XYZ wanted us to bribe them and we wouldn't. We were eventually taken seriously and a war was averted. Watch this quick little video - it tells the story in a great and simple way.

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  1. I love the video. I didn't remember this event. It is perfect for the Fourth of July.

  2. Great little video~ I'd forgotten my US history, shame on me on the cusp of a national holiday! Thanks for the reminder. Happy 4th :-)

  3. I really enjoyed the video and thank you for jogging my brain about this incident in history.
    No, the school is just Xavier College Prep without the St. Francis in front of it.

  4. Cute video. I've been out of school for so long, starting to forget about France, England, and all those great stuff.

  5. I'm afrais I'd never heard of the X Y Z affair, but then I am somewhat closer to France than the US, so it isn't likely to be as well told here :)

  6. What a great way to learn history. Maybe I would have enjoyed the subject more with some of those videos.

  7. Thanks for sharing the history lesson. Enjoyed your post for X. ~ sarah

  8. Oh! History time!
    What a fantastic tribute to our heritage...Applause Applause...!
    Well presented and Kudos :)

    Happy X day and happy 4th!

    Blessings From The Muse
    A Diva's Hammer Prose
    X Post:
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~

  9. wow, i am really learning a lot on X week! its all good!

  10. This was better than my XYZ post lol. I never knew this. Great X post.

  11. Cute video. Thanks for sharing.

  12. "Dude, were like diplomats!" BWhahahahahaha! Great use of an otherwise tricky letter.

  13. Please, please accept my apology for visiting you so late for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X"!

    I'm so glad I finally got here, though. What a fascinating video.

    And I love how you tried to make this letter fit into your blog.

    It was certainly a tough week.

    I hope Y and Z are easier for us all!

    Xcellent link!


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