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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alphabe-Thursdays Sunny Summer Yellow!

For some reason the corn is obnoxiously large - I am obviously NOT a real photographer! LOL

Each week I spend quite a bit of time thinking about my posts - the Yellow Theme from Alphabe-Thursdays was no exception. I knew I was going to post something about food - seems like all I have been blogging about lately - I am inspired so much by all the wonderful REAL Food Bloggers, especially my Two For Tuesdays Co-hosts.

I am going to be honest for a minute - these ladies ROCK the REAL Food world, they are incredible chefs with talents and abilities that amaze me. I am definitely out of my league. But these amazing ladies let me play along - thanks!!!

So today for Alphabe-thursday I am going to showcase a meal I make - nothing fancy but a meal my family loves. It is full of sunny summer goodness and is best made with local organic (if possible) veggies and a local, free-ranged chicken.

We start with cantelope - fresh, cut and salted if you want.

We also have corn on the cob, slathered in buttah! Put sweetcorn in a pan cover with water, bring to a boil for a minute or two and shut off - it should be done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Next we are having yellow summer squash - saute onion and garlic in a lot of butter for a bit then add sliced yellow squash and water. Cook low and slow in a covered pan until the squash is real soft. Add a big splash of RAW milk salt, pepper and a sprinkle of sugar if you like to sweeten it a bit. Cook on low until liquid is reduced.

Finally we are have Chicken Cordon Almost Bleu - I butterflied my chicken breast and then sliced them apart. I put ham and swiss cheese on top and rolled, skewering to keep together, I put them in a buttered dish and then topped with butter and sprinkled with g/f bread crumbs. I cooked them in a 425degree oven until the chicken cooked through - 35 minutes- (I did smash the chicken a bit, covered with good seran wrap and using my rolling pin)

That is our sunny summer yellow dinner - and boy was it delicious!

I know you all are disappointed my sous chef wasn't in the pictures - she was off catching butterflies at that time - oh, to be five again!

and Ann Kroekers Food on Friday!


  1. Been eating lots of corn on the cob here. Deliciously yellow!

  2. This is such a wonderful meal. The chicken dish looks amazing.

  3. This certainly looks yummy. I must say, the sweet corn really looks the best!

  4. Oh yum! This looks delicious! I thought the corn was the best looking thing until I got to the cordon almost blue chicken. I may have to try this out! Thanks! Love your yellows!

  5. My favorite was the Chicken Cordon Almost Bleu - funny and yummy all at once!!

  6. Love chicken & corn on the cob so will try out yr super recipe!
    Happy AlphabeThursday Yellow,
    btw Mine this time is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  7. corn on the cob is my favorite yellow food! Delectable yellow meal, Christy =)

  8. Looks yummy! Are you taking guests?


  9. Cute yellow meal! Never heard of salting cantaloupe, but it makes sense to bring out the natural flavor.
    If you want some quick easy tips on photographing food, check out this blog post from Digital Photography Skill!

  10. Where's the yellow butter for my yellow corn?!

  11. Wow! Your yellow dinner looks so yummy!

  12. Your dinner looks delicious - and what lovely corn on the cob!

  13. yellow makes a nice dinner! and oh to be 5 again!

  14. What a fresh and delicious stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School!

    I would just settle for the corn and the cantaloupe. Yum!

    I loved your description of this meal.

    It was so sunny and happy.

    Thank you for linking.


  15. Wonderful the corn and the cantaloupe...bkm

  16. I'd like everything on that plate! You picked my favorites.