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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check Out My New Page! Blog Hop Parties Link Up

Up there at the top of my blog is a list of pages - You know "Home" "About Me" "Two For Tuesdays" and NOW I have the most amazing Page Called Blog Hop Parties Link Up!

I found this amazing Link Up to Tons and Tons of Blog Parties all divided out into days of the week. Each day has its own linky that YOU can link your Blog Party too. It is a Blog Hop so when you add it to the link up it goes to tons of other blogs - just like Two for Tuesdays shows up on SEVEN different blogs.

I am not positive who put this together although I found it at the Trendy Tree House. I am just going to put ONE of the seven link ups below so you will check out all the others on my permanent page - but the great thing is if YOU ADD yours it will automatically update my page BOOOYAH!

My FAVORITE part is how it simplifies my life - I often forget which linkys I want to link to - not anymore as long as they are there. I also can go and find a linky party for whatever I am looking for - Real Food or Green or Crafts or Pictures - no need to search all over.

I am linking this to Simple Lives Thursday because this is HOW I have come to simplify my blogging life and it gives me more time to oh I don't know - make tabasco sauce or something!

Wednesdays (only link up here if your party is on Wednesdays - Go to my Page to Add more or to get all the codes for yourself!)

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  1. Wow, that's cool, Christy. More for me to get involved if I need more, LOL! ;) I love your new layout...looks great!

  2. I love it when it is all in one place. Tightwad also has a a great daily list. Here is the link to Monday:

  3. I like the new layout Christy and thanks for the info on this blog hop link up. Have a great weekend!

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