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Monday, August 23, 2010

Two for Tuesday Real Food Blog Hop #11

It’s time again for Two for Tuesday Real Food Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to another great week of Real Food Links - recipes and more! Every week I am more and more amazed at all the great foodies out there who not only can cook - they can photograph and write some amazing blog posts!
Is this your first time here??  WELCOME!! If you are a 24T's veteran - thank you for making this such an amazing Blog Hop!! We all learn so much from each other how to cook REAL and DELICIOUS food!
In the next couple weeks there will be some exciting changes at the Blog Hop!  Keep your eyes out for a new name, catchphrase...and even a mission statement to come  (this also means new badges!).  One that we hope will help define what we are doing here and hoping to accomplish a bit more clearly.  Due to everybody's busy schedules and some time constraints, we are also losing a couple of our beautiful, amazing hostesses.    They will be missed!  Other than that, please continue to join us and link up  to share in the REAL food love...
 One of my favorite parts of Blog Hops and Linky Parties is visiting lots of great blogs. Don't just link and run - look around, visit your fellow linkers - comment - everyone loves a comment even if you just say - "looks great, thanks!".

I have also found lots of people are reciprocal commenters -you comment on their blog and they will come comment on yours - this is fun and easy!


If you aren't sure what a Blog Hop is go here and learn all about it. Or just click on one of the badges below. Then come back and link up!

Here’s a quick review of how to play along with us:
  1. Write a post having to do with Real Food.
  2. In your post, add a link back to THIS PAGE (or any of my fellow blog hosts Two for Tuesday posts for this week) and add one of the badges below (if you want).
  3. Add URL for your POST (not your blog home page) to the list using the Linky bellow (or the Linky on one of the other host sites).
  4. Leave a comment too and let us know what you are contributing this week.
  5. Hop around and enjoy all the great content gathered in one place!!



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ButteredPoweredBike @Rendering Lard

Alright, so here’s the linky for this week. Join in the fun and link up! Don't forget to leave a comment so I know you joined the Blog Hop!

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  1. Thanks for co-hosting the Two for Tuesday blog hop. I like your fried rice recipe too - it sounds both delicious and healthy!!

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