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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hearth and Soul Blog Hop vol. 21

Welcome to week number 21 of the Hearth and Soul Hop!  
Can you believe we have been doing the Hop for 21 weeks?? Me either. Each week is such a joy and full of great link ups that I am so grateful to be a part of it. I have made many new bloggy friends from all over, learned some incredibly interesting things, had my culinary knowledge and ability stretched way beyond what I ever envisioned.
I did not get a linky love post up - lets just say that this last week has been crazy (you really don't want to know) but I just have to show you this picture and recipe from Patty at Following My Nose - she made an awesome Creepy Creatures of the Sea Soup - Perfect for Halloween!
Isn't this just awesome?!

I have an unusual post that I am linking up about my first foray into butchering our chickens. I promise no gross pictures.

This week is going to be another great week - I can't wait to read your link ups and to try out as many as possible!  Read on for our mission and linky rules. Thanks for helping to make this blog hop AMAZING!!


Food from your hearth, to feed your soul. Food that follows your intuition. Preparing food from scratch to nourish your family…body, mind AND soul! Food made with your own hands…infused with energy and passion and intent. Real food made by real people to feed real families (big and small, in blood or spirit). Ingredients from scratch, be it something grown in your garden or raised on your land…food foraged in the field or woods…food from local farms, farmers, or farmers markets…or even ingredients chosen by you from your local market that will be turned into something that feeds your soul. Tapping the food memory that each of us has stored inside; letting it guide and influence our own time in the kitchen.

We hope to embrace not only the “expected” areas of real food, but also those who want to incorporate healthier choices without sacrificing their love of food…how it tastes, the memories it conjures up, the comfort it brings. Yes, we’re trying to steer clear of packaged, processed, and boxed foods in favor of real foods….without absolutely excluding the sometimes frowned upon white sugar or flour (because the body craves what it craves…and sometimes things just don’t taste the same when you replace these). Making conscious choices and being present in the now with what your body needs…and taking steps towards exploring and enjoying healthier choices. If you take the time to listen, your body will tell you what it needs.

The warm comfort of the home hearth…stories, anecdotes, lessons, adventures, journeys, recipes, meals, beverages…we want to share the “why” of how food feeds more than just our bodies…how it also feeds our souls. After all, aren’t these the essential ingredients in defining real food? Please share links from your Hearth and Soul with us each week.

*Each post will be visited by at least one of the hostesses before the next linky period opens, because this is personal for us…we want you to know that we appreciate that you’ve taken the time to create a post, add a link back to the hop, and add your link! We’ll be sure to acknowledge this with a comment and a tweet on Twitter (using hashtag #hsoul).

Rules for linking:
  • One link per week, please
  • Must include a link back to one/any of the host sites (through worded link or badge) in individual post, not on sidebar…although we love having links on your page, as well (this benefits all of us). You will be sent a gentle reminder if no link is added to your post, we understand that sometimes people forget…but if it becomes a regular occurrence, (even though we don’t like to do it) your post may be removed. It’s just not fair to those who do take the time and show the grace to link back.
  • Try to link a post that you think fits into the mission of the Hearth and Soul Hop. You don’t have to link up every week…link up when you can. We welcome posts that are shared in other events. If you have an older, archived post that you want to add, we welcome that…as long as you go in and add a link back to the Hearth and Soul Hop.

Linky will stay open from 10 pm Monday to 11:59 pm Wednesday (Eastern time).

Your Hosts:
Butterpoweredbike @Hunger and Thirst
Me, Christy @Frugality and Crunchiness with Christy 

This linky list is now closed.


  1. Thanks for hosting!
    I'm sharing part 2 of my list of helpful guides to buying real food - how to avoid pesticides, gmo's, etc.

  2. Hi Christy!--My guys would love that Creepy Creatures of the Sea soup--absolutely love it and not just to look at. LOL I like such sea creatures breaded (gf, of course) most of the time. ;-)

    Great turnout this time and what fun the Hearth & Soul Blog Hop is each week! I linked up the easiest, most wonderful slow-cooked pumpkin butter, plus a luscious pie recipe. :-)


  3. Christy, thanks so much for sharing the soup! My husband is still amazed that there are other people that will eat like this!

    Thanks for hosting and it sure looks like a lot of great recipes...I need to go check out some of them!

  4. Loved the picture of the Creatures of the Sea soup. I showed it to my husband. He said it was something my family would probably serve. We are Portuguese and he has found himself at various gathering looking at dishes of octopus, rabbit, goat, etc.

    Thanks for hosting the blog hop. I seriously need some recipe inspriation this week.

  5. Lisa - I am so glad you shared these guides with us - a great resource!

    Shirley - I know isn't that soup just great??!! Your pumpkin linkups are great!

    Patty - You are so welcome - I just loved the soup -for taste and "Presentation!".

    Penny - I bet your husband would love it! The Hop is my favorite place for inspiration!

  6. Great hop as usual! I love that soup! I've seen it posted up on a few other sites as well and thought it looked like a perfect fit for Halloween.

  7. Julie - I think the soup is great too - I just had to post the picture! This weeks hop is fantastic!

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