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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentine's Gift

I am so totally stoked - wait until you see my Valentine's present - 

you are so totally going to be jealous.  

First let me tell you a little about "my love". 

He loves me, he really does. (and I adore him)

He just doesn't get the whole present thing. 

You see, at any time, if I really want something (obviously within reason my friends) 

I can just buy it. 

And so he doesn't understand the concept of "it's the thought that counts." 

That I want to be thought of, for him to take the time to do it for me. 

And so each year he buys me roses for Valentines Day. 

They require no thought, he can stop at any florist and pick them up and he has fulfilled the 

requirement for the day. 

It is really bad form to be unhappy with a dozen roses - I know!

This year I had a great idea - I have been eying my gift for awhile but just couldn't bring myself to 

plunk down the moulah. 

So, I sweetly asked for it instead of roses.


So my husband handed me the cash, you could tell he was relieved. 

And I got this: 


This is the 15 1/4" size - it is a monster of a pan - I cannot WAIT to fry my bacon in it tomorrow!

I told you, you would be jealous - ;o)

And this year Doug gets the award for "most useful and longest lasting gift". 

And EXACTLY what I wanted!

And like I said I am stoked! You can read about my iron skillet love affair here!



  1. so cool! That is the best kind of love, where you can just be yourself. Happy V day to you both.

  2. That is a great gift! I have one that size but I have to say that it's not something I use on the stove often. We usually use it over the fire. I love it!

  3. I'd rather have that over roses any day!

  4. What a good husband you have! This is one beautiful skillet.

  5. Thanks ladies - I am so thrilled with my pan!! We made bacon in it today and it was wonderful!

  6. Lots of times we don't exchange presents, but when we do we usually have some specific requests. This looks like something that I would request too. That's some serious cooking capacity. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Oh, Christy - I am so jealous of your pan, but I'm sending you a few virtual slices of my home-cured bacon to cook in it :-)

    Sue xo