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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crayons, Crayons, Crayons

I had a huge container of crayons - most of them broken - all of them unloved - few of them used. 
I have been holding onto them thinking I was going to do that  amazing craft. 
You know, melt them in cupcake liners and make heart crayons.
(put a marble in it and it makes the heart shape). 
Thing is I have been "going to do it" for at least 8 years.
I kid you not. 
It was time. 
Time to let go. 
I have been moving it from here to there for years.
I threw the whole container away. 
Yes I did. 
It was incredibly freeing. 
No worries, Sylvia still has plenty of NEW crayons she got for Christmas. 
She actually likes not having the huge container.
Is there something you are holding onto, because your frugal self says you will use it someday? Something that is taking up valuable space? 
Or just creating clutter? 
I challenge you to let it go - you don't have to trash it, you can donate it, sell it, freecyle it. 
Just let it go. 
Then tomorrow look and see if you can get rid of more - you will be glad you did!
Hoarding is not frugal. 
I promise!


  1. I always have a hard time getting rid of crayons. They're so nostalgic for me!

  2. I know Joanne, that is one reason why I have held onto them for so long - but imagine crayons for 8 children, beginning to be accumulated in 1991. Lots and lots of crayons!

  3. Great post! This can be so hard to do but it does feel good afterwards. I have been working on that lately.

  4. I get rid of things, sometimes right out of my family's hands. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I am like OCD about stuff being in my house that isn't being used. My friend is OCD about clean. We always say if we lived together, no one would ever be able to enter the house :) Thanks for visiting me and your sweet comment. Hugs ~ Mary

  5. Mrs. Redo - my sister is like that too - nothing stays that isn't being used. Nothing! Thanks for stopping by!