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Saturday, July 31, 2010

French Toast

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We were craving some Real Food this morning - and we had a boatload of eggs from our chickens. Now I am going to be honest - I made this with plain ole cheap whole wheat bread from the grocery store. I know, but this is how we like our French Toast.

This is really less of a recipe and more of a method. I never know exactly how much I will be making so I play it by ear.
Cute Helper Optional But Highly Recommended. Will need to get your own.

What you will need is eggs - just about 1 egg to 1.5 pieces of bread - but that is flexible.
Cinnamon - I use lots.
Real Vanilla - about 1.5 tsps
I also add about a 1/4 cup of Raw Milk for 8 eggs - if you don't have it just add some water, ooh or coconut milk would be delicious. You can make these without the extra liquid but it is better with.

So here is what you do - let your child help with this, it is a great way to learn to crack eggs.- crack the eggs one at a time into a small bowl and then slide into a larger bowl blending with a fork as you go. You do this so if some shell gets in you can pick it out before adding it to the rest. I also find that it mixes better one egg at a time. Start with at least 2 eggs for 3 pieces of toast.

Anywhooo, next add the milk and stir. Then add the vanilla and finally, pretending to be a Food Network Star who doesn't measure (Rachel Ray maybe? ) sprinkle cinnamon on top - we use lots, you might not.

Now get your pan HOT over medium heat. I add enough coconut oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Dip your bread into the mix and shake off any extra. Cook in pan for about 2 minutes and flip - if the egg hasn't totally cooked don't worry you can just keep flipping until both sides are done.
notice the cinnamon around the edge?

Serve with Real Butter and Maple Syrup. These are also fabulous with a berry sauce and powdered sugar. I sometimes put jelly on mine. They freeze wonderfully and so you can finish up the loaf/egg mixture and there is no waste.
This is before I flipped. We didn't take anymore pictures because they were eating them as fast as I could make them.

If you get to the end and don't quite have enough egg mixture for another slice of bread just add a little milk and continue.

The cinnamon will stick to the side of your bowl - no getting around it, sometimes I just sprinkle it right on the bread after it has been in the egg mixture. I also add more to the mixture as needed.

I often add more coconut oil to the pan as I am making these - to keep them from sticking and to get a little more into my kids diets.

I use the ends because, well I don't want to waste them.

Sometimes it is fun to make them special. 
  • Dipables. Slice bread into strips for a finger food-style, hands-on breakfast.
  • Kabobs. Cut bread into small squares, soak quickly in batter, then cook in a pan, stirring occasionally to be sure they are browned on all sides. Use kabob sticks, alternating pieces of French toast with pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Shapes. Use cookie cutters to create fun-shaped pieces of French toast--cut up extra bread into bite-size pieces to sprinkle around the plate with the shapes.
  • Sandwiches. Cut bread into fours, then create French toast "sandwiches" filled with sliced strawberries and low-fat cream cheese, bananas and peanut butter, or mashed up berries.

This is a great way to use up bread that has gotten a little stale or smooshed.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talking about Funerals

Oh, you weren't just talking about funerals? Well, on occasion you should. Your own anyways and your spouse's and for sure your parents. In the past 2 years I have buried 2 aunts, 3 uncles, a great nephew and now my mother-in-law. It is on my mind.

My mother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly on Saturday. She had made some arrangements prior to her death - she had been to the funeral home and paid to be cremated, a head stone and for her announcement in the paper. What she neglected to do was to make a will. She was 81 - that should have been done years ago. Now her kids have to make certain decisions that are not going to be easy. That could just possibly end some relationships. You know things like - what do they do with her house and her bajillion things inside? Her jewelry, her antiques, her knicknacks who gets what. Her car?

If you are young and still have children at home - it is super important that you have a will which designates who will become their guardian in case you and their other parent both die. No one wants to think about that but do you really want the state to decide who raises your kids? I didn't think so.

I know in this electronic age of digital cameras there are tons of pictures being taken but please be sure you have pictures with your loved ones also. We realized that we had no pictures of some of my kids with their grandma. The relationship wasn't close but we could have made sure that we that there was at least one picture was taken at Christmas.

The Short List of What You should do - bare minimum

1. Make a list - let your loved ones know your wishes - update it yearly around your birthday.

2. Make your Will - keep it current.

3. Be sure someone in addition to your spouse knows it exists and how to find it.

4. If you are older, it really is nice to have taken care of your funeral arrangements so your kids don't have to.

5. Even if you hate to have your picture taken - do it anyway. With everyone who is important to you. Get some of them printed.

My own list includes;
  • I don't want to be cremated - open casket if at all possible. It makes closure a little easier.
  • I want my family to purchase my casket from the Amish - $600 instead of $6000.
  • I want a rosary said at the wake.
  • I would like Memorials to go to my children or grandchildrens educations.
  • If I die soon I have a picture for the announcement in the newspaper.
  • My will is done, my plot is purchased I just need to go talk to a funeral home.
  • When at all possible not to miss opportunities to see extended family while they are ALIVE - so we don't have to say "it was great to see you but I wish it was under different circumstances".
Just a couple suggestions if you know someone who has lost a loved one.
1. Instead of saying "let me know if I can do something" just go ahead and do something. Bring over some cookies to the house, call and ask if any dry cleaning needs picked up, have pizza delivered or bring by a dish of food. Even drinks - water, pop, beer are always appreciated. Paper products - TP, plates, cups, plastic silverware - so they don't have to worry about dishes.
2. If there are children a bag of things to do at the funeral home is great - legos, crayons, markers, simple craft stuff, juice boxes and snacks all are appreciated.
3. A hug and a prayer go a long way. Showings are hard - no one likes to go but if you can it makes a world of difference to your friend.
4. If you are close, go over to the house and clean a little - dishes, bathrooms, places that will give a little order to the place and helps the family to relax.
5. Be sure to put your name and address on what you gave so the family can thank you.

I would love to know what you have done to help someone through this tough time.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two For Tuesday Vol 7

YAY! It’s time for Two for Tuesday Blog Hop!

It has been an amazing couple of weeks since I became one of the blogger hostesses to this REAL FOOD Blog Hop. As a host I have been visiting, commenting and tweeting on every post and it has been so much fun. I have learned how to use  a great way to shorten links and to share them - your links! There have been oodles of great recipes, information and stretching of my Real food muscles because I visited many great blogs.

My husband's mother passed away on Saturday unexpectedly and so this week I just might not get to comment/tweet everyone. Just know how much I love that you all are participating in the Real Food Love! I will be back in full computer action next week!

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