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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hearth and Soul Hop #19- Link Love!!

Hearth and Soul Hop Link Love
There are so many great links this week at the Hearth and Soul Hop #19 - I had a hard time picking just a few to highlight. This is just the tip of the "wonderful posts" iceberg!  I also realize that not everyone can visit them all so I am highlighting a few that stood out to me.

  • I just have to start with my dear friend and co-hostess Butterpoweredbike @ Hunger and Thirst she is an amazing forager - she eats things I have never even heard of - often! This week she teaches us all about the Evening Primrose Root, she makes it into a gratin with mock horseradish sauce. This is one blog you will get lost in - especially if you are new to foraging!

 Sue at Couscous and Consciousness shows us how simple it is to put together an amazing Mushroom and Manicotti Dish from scratch - even the cheese and noodles are homemade - in several easy steps so you can have a quick dish in the end! She promises me the noodles are super easy!

Audrey at Homemaking on a Whim: Egg Flour Soup made a delicious egg drop soup -my Sylvia's favorite dish at the Chinese buffet and now we can have it at home!

Sujanna's World: No Yeast Brown Bread 
Can you believe this beautiful loaf of bread doesn't have any yeast? And it is super simple too - I love that!
Brenda at Sense of Home made this beautiful :Pumpkin Brioche
And people you are going to want to make this because even though it is delicious with butter and jelly it is a Rockin' bread for french toast!

Joanna at Go Ahead and Snicker gives us  Baking Lessons: Episode 1  Frosted Apple Squares - You should always listen to your Mother. Especially when she knows what she's talking about. And making these amazing treats - Mother just knows!!

I loved this last link so much I ordered mustard seeds to make my own - to give as Christmas gifts!! Patty at Following My Nose shows us how easy and frugal  it is to make your own Homemade Gourmet Mustards!


  1. Thanks so much Christy! I just can't wait to see how your mustard turns out! If you end up with anything close to Dijon mustard, I hope you share...I still haven't got that one down. Oh, the ones that have lasted this far, are still just fine. i'm kind of surprised! Thanks again. :-)

  2. Thanks for linking to me! I might have to try the manicotti... I LOVE manicotti, but I've never made the cheese or noodles myself!

  3. Hi Christy - what a great round-up you've pulled together - I'm so going to try that mustard. Thanks so much for linking up my manicotti - really appreciate the link love :-)

  4. everything looks so delish! I'm really bummed that I couldn't participate this past week...but computers unfortunately have the last say! LOL

  5. Hello Christy! Just a note to let you know I've tagged you. It's your turn to share a little more about yourself and your foodie-ness with your blog readers. It's a great way to give props to some of your favorite fellow bloggers and get your name out there too. I hope you decide to play :)

    Check your trackbacks for a link or visit for the details. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

    Best in Food and Fun,