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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

I have been doing some serious thinking about goals/resolutions/plans for the coming year. Do I really want to make any? Will it just be a blog post so I can link up here? Or will this truly be something that I will work on throughout 2010?
I know myself, it can't be too detailed or long. It must be doable, and there must be some fun built in. I want to end 2010 feeling better about a lot of things than I do at the beginning. That being said, here are my goals:

With God:
To begin my day with Him. To offer my day and my life to do His Holy Will. I want to prayer to be an integral part of my life.

With Myself:
To lose the excess weight that is holding me back from so very much. I want to exercise more, eat less. That is the plan.
To take some sort of continuing education class having to do with technology or cooking.

With my husband: I know what will make him happy, so just do it.

With my family:
Daily to hug each one, to tell them I love them, to care for them as I should. The Blessed Mother is my example.

With my friends:
To call, to care, to step outside of myself, to weekly do SOMETHING with a friend.

With my home:
This is my job, to treat it as such and to keep up to date on nutrition and health through blogs like this one.

Financially: Read Dave Ramsey's Book. Save for next Christmas so I can pay in cash. Pay all bills in full and on time.
For Fun:
To try ONE new recipe and week. (Got my inspiration here)
Buy a couple cows to raise for meat.

I linked to The Happy Housewife's 2010 Goals Link Up .... there are some great posts linked - very thought provoking! Frugal Fridays at Life as Mom is also talking about 2010 financial goals.


  1. Your goals sound like mine. LOL Good luck!!
    THanks for visting my blog. Hope you come back!

  2. These are such great goals. We should all aim for them.

  3. Hey lady...great goals! Thanks for stopping by The Pursuit of Mommyness...can't wait to get to know you better!

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