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Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent: On Too many Christmas Parties - What to do?!

How many Chrismases do you celebrate? My number isn't too bad considering my parents never divorced and my mother in law is a widow. So up until last year we had 3 - my family Christmas Eve, my kids/Santa Christmas morning and then my inlaws Christmas night.

Last year it changed. It had too - my son's fiance has 7 she must attend (divorce will do that too you). That means that we are lucky to even see them. My girls all have boyfriends who also have family committments and so it happened - "our Christmas" the one in which I give gifts to everyone - just not Santa gifts - has been moved to the Sunday before Christmas. Sigh, it kinda makes me sad. And yet, it is so lovely and relaxed, and my kids get to play with their stuff a lot longer - it spreads it out.

Why does it make me sad you wonder? Well it means that we will never again all be home on Christmas morning. It is a bittersweet change in traditions. It means my kids are really growing up. I keep asking them to stop but they won't!

So, if you are the Mom whose children are growing up - remember that you can celebrate Christmas anytime - be adaptable, your kids will thank you. If you are the young adult, cut your mom some slack - it is hard to let go of traditions that make the holidays.

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  1. Holidays do get harder as your children grow up and move on. I have eight children too. Three are now married and we alternate holidays, so this year is not our Christmas. We will be seeing them, but not Christmas morning and not Christmas Eve. It's so sad, but my younger kids still enjoy it and love when their older siblings can come. When I tell people I have eight kids they always say, you must be Catholic or Mormon. Do you here that? Merry Christmas!

  2. Because I live in Amish country they say "You must be Amish or Catholic" lol! Thanks for commenting, Merry Christmas to you!

  3. I'm the adult kid who lives on the other side of the pond because I am a missionary. I want you to know that Moms that say, "Christmas is when you are here" are a wonderful blessing. My husband and I are flying to the States in January, so my mom and my dad and my brother and his family have all agreed to have Christmas at my parents n 17 January. That is great for me. I know it is sad, but thanks for being a Mom that understands.