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Friday, February 26, 2010

Meat Meat glorious Meat!

I cannot a couple of weeks we will be getting the front quarter of a cow that is right now roaming around in my friend's backyard! Talk about knowing your source! I purchased a quarter of a cow not too long ago and I am not thrilled with the quality.We will of course eat it all but my friend only butchers every 18months or so (could even be 2 years) and so I don't want to miss out on the good stuff. We will be eating steaks and roasts and hamburgers and meatloaf and stirfry and stew to our omnivour hearts content!! My only problem is my Joe who is allergic to beef. I personally think he is allergic to what they FED the cow that they used to make the serum to test him. That being said, I can't feed it too him on a every other day rotation. He will be getting exciting things like, turkey burgers and shrimp and chicken and tuna. But the rest of us? Beef glorious beef.

I did just make the most delicious roast out of bison meat in my crockpot. I cooked it for 10 hours on low in a broth of red wine and  vegetable broth (because that is what I had).I sprinkled a garlic powder and onion powder along with a steak seasoning all over the meat and let it cook.  Then I removed the meat and put the sauce in a pan on a stovetop where I added a bunch of cut veggies - onions, carrots, celery, and several frozen cubes of spinach, butternut squash and acorn squash plus a little old coffee from the morning and let it cook until the veggies were soft. I removed the veggies, and then made gravy with a little flour. I served it with my Mom's Mashed Potatoes and then put it all together with some salt, pepper and it was so yummy my family devoured it! This is my basic recipe for all roasts/stews. The veggies can vary and I don't always have broth so sometimes I start with water and wine and go from there. It is still yummy.

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  1. I'm so happy your getting your cow!

    It can't be beat!

  2. I hope you will come post this to Crock Pot Wednesday next week. You are welcome to add whatever slow cooker favorite you like, of course. I enjoyed your post.

  3. Thanks for coming to CPW. I hope you will be back frequently.