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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello! How is Your Declutter Challenge going?

Awhile back I posted about a declutter challenge in which you are trying to get rid of 730 things in 365 days. So, how ya doin' with that????

I am moving forward, I'm  at 150 give or take 2 or 3. It really has been fun and freeing. Yet sometimes it has been harder than I thought. It is when my earthy crunchy side starts saying things like "our house is big enough, don't get rid of that perfectly good whatever, we might need one someday". It is at those times that I need to remind myself that keeping a bunch of stuff isn't necessarily crunchy. NOT buying stuff to begin with is. I think it is all in how I rid myself of the clutter that matters.
Am I ridding my house responsibly - goodwill, Church rummage sale, passing on to a new home?

In case you are wondering, I also have been strong against the siren call of Target. I have gone in a couple times and have even put lovely things in my cart, walked around and  then went back and unloaded. I only purchased what I came for, I am so proud of ME!!

This is a picture of some old, plastic and mimatched dishes I have been using for years. I replaced them with lovely dishes from the Goodwill. I needed more, what I had was ugly and just not enough. I was going to keep them just in case, and then I realized that this is what the clutter challenge is about - getting rid of excess things, passing them along so someone else can get some use out of them instead of them getting all dusty and just taking up space at my house.


  1. I really like this idea. I need some motivation to de-clutter. We're taking a trip very soon, but once I get back, I'll be making this a priority.

  2. Tabby, thanks for stopping by! I loved my visit to your blog - I love reading about other big families!