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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't you hate it when a recipe sounds fabulous and it isn't??

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions but I do like goals. I have several right now and one is to cook from my vast array of cookbooks and saved links once a week - I hate having the same thing all the time.

So in an effort to actually "use" my large collection of recipe books I made two different meals in the last week that sounded UH-MAZING and turned out just eh, ok. Don't you hate that?? It is one of the hazzards of trying something new. It actually happens more often than I would like to admit.

First I made a Rachel Ray recipe called Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad. It makes a huge amount and while I had only one person truly dislike it - no one loved it or wanted second helpings which meant I was stuck eating it for lunch all week. I am giving the last serving to the chickens - I just can't eat another helping.

Then tonight I made Cheeseburger Salad which I didn't know was a Pioneer Woman/Pampered Chef recipe until I went to write this post. It was ok but not great. I think if I try it again I would put all the different components in individual bowls and let everyone make their own - like how we do tacos, that way we can have things like sweet and sour pickles and chopped olives to add if you wanted. I would also make a mustard vinaigrette for the mustard lovers in addition to my homemade Ranch dressing.

Will I keep trying? Absolutely - I have a fairly good handle on what my kids will like and so I tend to cook towards that. I have found that most recipes are too bland for my family. We like it spicier, saucier - lots of flavor. But every once in awhile I go out on a limb like my African Chicken Stew and we end up loving it. And that is why I keep on reading the cookbooks and blogs and watching cooking shows. You just never know!

How about you? Do you cook from your cookbooks? Do you try new things? Does your family like it when you do?

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  1. I HATE when that happens! I just spent a whole afternoon working on a raisin bread that wound up being terrible. It was so annoyed at myself, and the recipe!

  2. I know Jackie - it is annoying! wasted time and often wasted food! I guess that is how we learn though, grr!! thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Ugh, YES! I've been loving recipes from Martha Stewart's REAL FOOD mags, for what it's worth.

  4. Yes. It is all part of cooking. Also, what is great to one person might not for another palate. I love trying new things from all resources but I still get depressed when I end up cooking something that I don't care for.

  5. One of my resolutions is to cook from one of my cookbooks every week also! I do hate it when recipes don't quite turn doesn't happen that often, as I think I've gotten better at troubleshooting them or adapting them to my taste, but there are always duds. Sigh. It happens.

  6. Love my cookbooks, but like you hate the waste. And that is what it is, a waste of food and time. I do question sometimes how much "testing" really went into the finished recipe, I'm just sayin.....

  7. Myrnie - I have never cooked anything Martha Stewart - I will have to check it out!

    RJ - trying new things is all part of the fun! It is the waste I hate.

    Joanne - you are such an adventurous cook/eater I am sure most of your food is fabulous!

    Melynda - you are so right, I often wonder if real people eat the food in some recipe books!

  8. My blog is dedicated to my using the cookbooks that will sit on the shelves without some kind of commitment. Each week, I select another book and cook mostly from it.

    This is an easy way to find out which books are not worth the effort and which should be kept in the kitchen.

    1. bookcasefoodie what a great idea for a blog! heading over now!!! :)

  9. bookcasefoodie - what a great idea to cook many dishes out of the same book each week - I will have to give that a try sometime. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I've had this problem with both Rachel Ray and Pioneer Woman's blogs and cookbook recipes.