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Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Frugal Food Tips

Five Frugal Food Tips
1. The ever present frugal tip - make your own broth. Chicken broth couldn't be easier. Put leftover chicken bones in a crockpot, fill with water - you can add some veggies if you like - carrots, celery onions are good  a little salt and maybe a bay leaf if you have one, and then cook for 12-18 hours on low. Strain and you have yummy healthy broth. Beef broth is delicious when you roast the bones for awhile before you do the same with the bones. And veggie broth - save all your leftovers in a bag in the freezer till you have a gallon size or so - some veggies don't go well like cabbage and broccoli and brussel sprouts. I have never made fish broth because I don't cook fish often but it can be made the same way. 

2. Make your own bread, rolls, croutons, breadcrumbs. Don't shell out the money for these incredibly frugal foods.

3. Save all your fat. You know, the bacon grease, the layer of fat that hardens when you put your roast  in the fridge etc. And then use them to fry food in. I cannot believe the difference frying eggs in bacon grease makes for taste. Heavenly. I believe this is super healthy. Go here for more information.

4. Eat whole foods. Real foods. Foods that your great -grandmother would have made. Cook more foods from scratch. Start small, but start! Not only is this frugal it is uber healthy!

5. If you must snack, make it healthy - fruits, veggies, hummus, smoothies, nuts. Don't waste an opportunity to eat something healthy and nutrient dense. One of my favorite snacks is a hard boiled egg with salt, pepper and a little olive oil and vinegar. So simple and so good!

Submitted to Food Renegade's Fight Back Friday, Life as Mom's Frugal Friday, and Ann Kroeker's Food on Fridays. Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers' Real Food Deals Week 4


  1. yay! I love making our own chicken stock and bread ect! Love your blog! Very similar theme as mine! Found you at frugal friday!
    Amy @

  2. Great ideas! I love your definition of whole foods. I so often try to remember what some of the foods from growing up days tasted like. So different from food-product of today.

  3. I ended up buying a jar with a lid at Ikea just for the bacon fat! I keep it but never seem to have enough.

  4. Had to jump on over and check you out. Great site and I look forward to getting caught up.

    I don't think that eating healthier is really that much more expensive as we are all led to believe. Using your imagination you can come up all kinds of great alternatives.

  5. I love, love, love your post! I make my own broth too!!!! It saves tons of money and so my healthier! Thank you for sharing such great tips!!!

  6. Thanks everyone! Blogger keeps deleting my personal replies but know that I sooo appreciate your comments!
    I love homemade broth, bacon fat is like gold around here and WOW has our grocery bill lowered since I stopped buying all the processed foods. It is hard to even find REAL foods anymore.
    God Bless!

  7. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who keeps the fat!