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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello Stranger! Are you hungry?

So, my internet is down - my camera left behind and time is precious right now - all that to say I don't have a new recipe to share this week for the Hearth and Soul Hop. I am blogging from the barn - on my husband's work computer. Not fun. Not fun at all. I just didn't want you to think I had forgotten all about this little blog of mine. I haven't - but because of all my 'puter problems I have taken a much needed bloggy break.

I will be calling the computer guy tomorrow and having him come fix the problem.

In the mean time I want to leave you with one of my all time favorite meals -
Shit on a Shingle, (what my husband called it in the Airforce) or
Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast. 
My mom made it using canned cream of mushroom soup, and my mother-in-law just made a white gravy.
It is a humble meal - and oh so yummy!
 I use my homemade cream of mushroom soup, a bag of chipped beef from the lunchmeat aisle cut up into smallish pieces mixed in, and I serve it over buttered whole wheat toast.
Delicious. Nutritious. Quick and easy (once you make the soup - which can be made ahead).
When I make this for a crowd - my family - I just make more sauce by adding more milk or cream  and broth.

Besides in green bean casserole how do you use cream of mushroom soup??


  1. OH, I adore shit on a a matter of fact, I know that I'm going to crave it now until I make some..thanks ;) Hope you guys are doing well...and rock on super hearth and soul hop hostess for braving this weather to get a 'puter!

  2. looks delicious, sorry to know that your internet is down, i know it feels like something we lost. everything will be fine.

  3. Sorry about your computer problems, so frustrating. I hope 2011 is a very happy and healthy year for you and your family!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  4. I'm convinced that men like this meal even more because they get to call it SOS. I know both my grandfather and father called it that.

    You need to go to the library and get one of those cookbooks that revolves around cans of mushroom soup, and do 'em up real food stylie!

    It takes an awesome host to brave her duties in a barn. You're one heck of a dedicated Hearth and Soul hop hostess ;)

  5. Everybody I know that has truly eaten the real deal loves SOS....and Butter could be right! I'll never tell......

    Way to go on the blogging duties and hope your 'puter is good as new with your wallet intact.

  6. Oh no! I hope all of your blogging problems are fixed soon! Miss ya!

    Happy new year love!

  7. OMG - I love that "shit on a shingle" - I have never heard of that before, but can't wait to try that one out on my boyfriend - he's going to love it :-)

    Good luck with sorting out your computer problems. In the meantime, best wishes for the new year and look forward to much more blogging with you :-)

    Sue xo

  8. Sorry to hear that your internet is down - that is so frustrating for you! Your post made me laugh 'cause I have never heard of shit on a shingle. It sounds like great comfort food, and what a great name! Happy New Year to you and your famiiy!

  9. Haha! My dad was in the airforce and he always called it S.O.S. It was a long time before I learned what it stood for.

  10. Hey Christy, I do hope you have gotten your computer issues fixed because I miss you! :) I just bought some "dried beef" from my farmer by mistake instead of beef jerky and now I have two containers full and I had no clue what to make with them. I am definitely going to try this recipe! Thanks as always for hosting and posting on the hearth and soul hop! You wicked ROCK! Alex