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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity

He looks like a nice kid doesn't he? You can just never tell!

The other day I got a call from my children's principal. It seems my son Joe, who is 12 brought a toy gun to school.

This is so very much NOT ALLOWED!

The principal was wonderful, she said things like "He couldn't even shoot paper bullets with it." She did allude to some places having a no tolerance policy - but she wasn't going to do anything other than take the gun and have me come get it.

We got off the phone and while I was trying to get a hold of my husband I kept thinking "thankfully he didn't take his paintball gun or his airsoft gun" - these babies look real and can cause some real hurt. I also wondered where he got a toy gun like she described, we haven't had one in these parts for coons age!
My son is destined to be an out of control teenager!

Then about 5 minutes later I get a second call - Good grief what have my children done now???? Well, the principal was calling to say it was a case of mistaken identify. The teacher had told her the wrong name and she had called the wrong Mom. Ooops!

Can I get a great big SHAWOO!!!!!!

Sorry Joe, for ever doubting you!

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  1. You are a wonderful mom for just being relieved! I'm a high school teacher and guns at school (real ones) are one of my biggest fears. Ugh. I shudder even now thinking about them. I can't believe she called the wrong mom though! That's hilarious and I'm sure she felt terrible! You're sweet to just be happy and not have a screaming fit. A lot of parents would not have been so nice. Sometimes parents don't have mercy on us. Please, please have mercy on us. :)