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Monday, May 17, 2010

How to wash those pesky hand washables!

They can be so annoying. I rarely hand wash but when I do I want to do it right!

First be sure you have the right detergent. Something made for delicates. I grew up using Woolite, I am sure there are other greener alternatives. (note to self, find a green alternative when my Woolite runs out.) Here is one to try.

Secondly, fill a sink or large plastic tub with warm water, add about a teaspoon of detergent. Swirl it around with your hand to mix it in. Add your garment and swirl also. Be careful, do this gently, oh so gently. If you rub the garment or pull or stretch the material it can change shape. Do this for about 2-5 minutes.

Thirdly, fold the clothes into itself and gently squeeze the water out by pushing it against the side. Empty the water, refill with clean warm water, swirl and rinse, squeeze and drain. Keep doing this until the clothes are free of detergent. Will take a couple times.

Nextly (I know that isn't a word I just like the sound of it)lay the garment on a white towel and smooth out any wrinkles. Roll up the towel with the clothes in it. Press down to soak up any water. You many need to do this again with another towel if it is still pretty wet.

Finally, Lay flat on a drying rack shaping it, leaving it there to dry completely.
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  1. I hate to hand wash and try to avoid it as much as possible! I also use Woolite when handwashing, since that's what mom always used.

    My mom also taught me that same trick of rolling it in a towel. Except she would after rolling it up, she would lay the towel on the bathroom floor and walk on it to press even more water from the garment.

    (I found this post through your link on Homemaker Mondays! )

  2. I live in an apartment building that has one washer/dryer that is always broken. The nearest laundry is a thirty minute walk.
    I hand wash more then I like to.

    Came to say hi and thanks for stopping on my blog earlier.

  3. UGH! Hand washing clothes is one of my least favorite things to do. I often cheat by washing them on the gentle cycle in a mesh bag and then laying them out to dry. I strictly stay away from silk and wool. My hat is off to you for being so thorough and conscientious.

  4. Good tips! And I love "nextly!"

  5. This reminds me of my MIL, who is not a Westerner :) and stayed with us for several months when my second was born.
    I tried to convince her to use the washing machine, but she was so used to hand washing that she kept doing it the entire visit. This is exactly how she did it!

  6. Really helped me figure out what to do!

  7. Lauren - glad it is helpful. I am so glad you commented ;o)