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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

R is for Relatives

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I know you thought I was going to post on reconomics or recycling or maybe even rice pudding. But I am not. I am going to talk about my relatives.

I am willing to bet you all $.50 that if you added all the relatives of all the people who read this blog post together you wouldn’t have as many as I do. I am confident in that.

How do I know? Well I have over 800 relatives – not going any further away than my cousins, cousins kids and cousins grandkids.

Here is how it works:

My grandparents Laurence and Mary Tippmann had 16 children.

Tippmann 2 018
(aren’t they adorable? this was in the early 30’s)
                                  Tippmann pics 011
(my dad is the good looking one – at least I think so!)
These 16 children had 136 children.

These 136 children have had over 500 children. Yep, true story. Talk about your practicing Catholics. And this generation is no where near done. I am #25 out of 136 and I still have a couple years of fertility in me.

These 500 children have begun having babies – about 50 or so I would guess.

That my friends is just my dad’s side. No second cousins and  no inlaws (that adds 100+ to the number).

My Mom came from a family of 9. They had 50 kids and so on and so forth totalling about 250.

So, that is why I am certain I have more relatives than you.

Yes, Christmas is fun.

Yes family reunions are wild.

No, I don’t know everyone’s name.

And weddings, weddings are HUMONGOUS!

I am so grateful for my large family. I have to admit growing up sometimes it was annoying having a relative everywhere I went. Made it hard to sneak around and be bad.
A problem the kids are having now is dating. We always tell them to find out who their grandpa is (or great-grandpa) to be sure they aren’t kissing their cousin! ewwww!

Tippmann pics 012 
I know this is hard to see – it is a picture of a picture but it was taken in 2000. There are over 500 people in the picture. This was our last family reunion.

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  1. Holy cow what a large family, unbelievable! And I thought my grandparents having 16 grandchildren was a lot. Oh and that is NOT me sleeping on the desk, I found a picture off the internet and thought it was a good

  2. My family is nothing like yours. But we still have a few. And I have all my siblings doubled in the number of kids.
    So I'm doing my part!

  3. WOW! What a huge family! Nice relative post.

  4. Holy smokes that is a huge family ... how many Christmas cards do you send out each year??? I can't imagine having that many relatives.

  5. Good Morning!!

    WOW, now that is alot of RELATIVES. How can you remember all their names??? I am one of 9 children but we are not doing our job at "re-populating" the earth. We do have great family REunions however! In fact, this year it will be on June 18-19th here at the farmhouse and we are in high gear getting things prepared for all the frenzy.

    Thanks for sharing your RELATIVES with us today and thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We love having company.

  6. Oh my gosh... For me, it's very different. Would you adopt me into your family? ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog -- it has been a pleasure to meet you.


  7. Good night girl! That's amazing. I thought I had a large family on my dad's side (21 first cousins), but we've got nothing on you. I bet family reunions are a blast. What a neat post. Kathy

  8. Wow! What a large family.I have one my fathers side and twelve on my mothers.

  9. Wow~ that breaks the Christmas and wedding budget! I hope you draw names :-)

  10. Wow..I thought my family are big! I think yours has out numbered mine..I like this post very much.

  11. You've got me beat! My mum was one of 13 and I'm one of 54 first cousins. We have big reunions!

  12. Wow, that is a lot of family but ut must be woberful to have suc a reunion.Great R post

  13. I LOVE those pictures...
    you are so blessed.

    mine is here
    wanna try my meme, Weekend Funnies ?
    Happy Thursday!

  14. I just knew you were going to say you were Catholic LOL. I can't even imagine having that large of a family. I guess you'll never have to worry about being alone ;-) I really enjoyed learning about your large family. Great R post.

  15. wow, it must be sooooo fun having a family reunion :D

  16. That is a HUGE family! How much fun! Thanks for the recitation of the relative recorder.

  17. this is definitely an OMG moment. i thought coming from 5 kids was a big deal..but holy do have a big family.
    i guess we were the embarrassing catholics--if my mom could have only eeked out 10 more!:)

  18. WOW i dont envy your christmas card list I guess you dont send to all thank you for sharing and visiting me

  19. I love this! What a blessing for you grandparents to have so many children and grandchildren!

  20. Wow! Darn big family...I would love it unless I had to travel all over God's creation all the time...Reuben says thanks for the visit and comments...Chi chi Larue...what a smart name...peace

  21. haha!!! Woww!!!!! I have never thought to count relatives like that... I dont think we have that many on my side... hubby's grandpa was one of 22 kids (and none of these were multiple births)! So, I will have to check out the numbers in that family tree :o)

    I love looking at your old family photos :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (and thankyou so much for stopping by! Yes, with one daughter a dentist, son in law in Dermatology, another daughter to become a dentist...we hopefully will have perfect teeth and skin :o) Hm... have to see if our son will graduate as...

  22. I have a ton since I don't have to go back any further than you to find oh so many good Catholics! I gotta tell you, your grandparents are adorable.

  23. wow! that is a lot of relatives and it must be crazy having to check to see if you might be kissing your cousin!

    I don't suppose you have to buy 500 presents for xmas?

    thanks for your visit

  24. Ha...sure you're not from Utah?(o:
    Ok, sarcasm not necessary. Great family heritage you have there...

  25. WOW! That is some wonderful leagacy of descendants from two people!

  26. Wow. WOW. That's amazing. And a blessing! Happy Friday to you.

  27. How amazing, I never heard of anyone having that many close relatives.

  28. this is just amazing......Holy cow woman!!!!

  29. wow. WOW. that is CRAZY. christmas must be hell. :]

  30. I can honestly tell you that I probably am close behind you. I am Mormon...and well typically we have big families. I don't think we would make 500 though. Maybe 300 or 350. I would have to sit down and do all the math. hahaha. And I am truly amazed you all managed to get together like that!! WOW!

  31. 500 people??? That is some family reunion! I wouldn't have a clue if I even had that many relatives!

    Great post!

    Best wishes,

  32. have an amazing family. In my real life (instead of my online one), I work in genealogy, your family would certainly be a challenge

  33. What a totally amazing Alphabe-Thursday link!

    I've been reading and reading trying to get to yours (I have to stay in order so I don't miss someone) and I must say this was totally worth waiting for!

    A seriously impressive number of Relatives. The way some of mine behave sometimes I'm glad there aren't any more of them!

    Thanks for the Oh-my-good-ness stop on my little journey through the letter "R"!


  34. Wow! So cool! I thought my family was big. Perspective, I guess.

    My fiance is the only child of an only child (mom). Dad had one brother. He has virtually no family.

    I'd love to have that much family. :)

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