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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hearth and Soul Hop - Link Love!!

Every week I have the incredible pleasure to visit each and every link up to the Hearth and Soul Hop. I love visiting all the different blogs and reading about Real Food Love - your recipes, your memories and your stories - it is an enjoyable part of my week.

I realize that everyone isn't able to do this and so I would like to highlight a few of my favorites!

If you knew me IRL you would know that I am a HUGE Sushi fan and have gotten tons of people to not only try it but to learn they love it too.

Because of that my first link is from Aipi at USMasala - Vegetarian Sushi - this inspired me to make sushi for lunch. Mine wasn't as pretty but Sylvia and I loved it!

Fairybekk of Cauldron's and Crockpots had a fun and delicious post about making a fool - a Blackberry Fool - and like I said in my comment "I pity the fool who doesn't eat fool" (or something like that!)

The lovely blogger Brenda at Sense of Home teaches us how to use the WHOLE pumpkin - and you know how I hate to waste food. This was also a timely post because next week I am posting about my compost pumpkin!

April at The Life and Times of the 21st Century Housewife wrote a beautiful post about her parents and how cooking their recipes helps her to remember her parents and to feel like they are with her. She shared a wonderfully English dish - My Mom's Beef Yorkie Pudding, I think looks delicious and can't wait to try!

City Home/Country Home made a Lentil Vegetable Soup that I know my family will love - I am excited to begin cooking warm soups and this is tops on my list to try!

Speaking of soups Arnold at Ba-bootie made an amazing Tomato Soup - he has a couple of surprises in it that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary! (orange peel and lemon juice - seriously!!)

It wouldn't be a Highlight post without mentioning Laura from What's for Dinner Mom?'s way super cool Earth Oven she built for $4 plus sweat and child slave labor.

Is this your muffins?? The link didn't work!
Finally, someone linked a recipe for Streusel blueberry muffins but instead of linking to their own post it comes back to my page. PLEASE  SEND ME THE LINK OR LINK THIS AGAIN NEXT WEEK because I really want to visit your blog!!

Be sure to come back next week and link up to the Hearth and Soul Hop - lots of great links!!

I am linking this to Ann Kroeker's Food on Friday!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention, Christy. I so enjoy the Hearth and Soul blog hop! It's great to see your favourites highlighted too - I always try to visit all the links but sometimes I just can't make it to all of them!

  2. I am incredibly honored by your kind words and really really happy you liked it.
    BTW what are you talking about, your plate of sushi looks really pretty to me!

    US Masala

  3. Christy, thanks for the mention in your post today. I really enjoy the blog hop you help host, I get so many good ideas.


  4. Christy, thanks for the link. Your blog hop seems to be becoming even more popular than what it is already. I wish you continued success.

  5. Christy,

    Thanks for mentioning my post. I love the new format for the hop.

  6. I always love reading these link loves! I wish I had time to read every Hearth and Soul post but I just don't. This gives me a good way to parse through all of them!

  7. Oooh Christy, thanks for link-loving me!!! I just got your comment now, for some weird reason!